Opportunities for artists, without the extortionate gallery commission fees!


ABI is a new business model that focuses on helping our clients develop their culture while supporting emerging artists internationally - without taking a cut from the artists!


Why no cut?

We are focused on business needs, offering them services that will help them grow and better communicate their culture and values. Art is not our focus, but is an important part of this process. By giving far more value-for-money for the client, while without the heavy fixed costs of a gallery space, we are able to move away from taking cuts from our artists.


However, we have a strict filtering process to ensure that the artists we work with:


  •  1. Have very high quality work
  • 2.  Have an education in the arts up to College/University level
  • 3.  Have an exhibition history
  • 4.  Have a desire to become full independent artists



- Non-exclusive relationship -

- Opportunities to sell, lease or show your work -

- No commission fee from us -

- No obligations up to the point at which you agree to the terms of an opportunity -



How does it work?

If you're accepted onto our database, we will contact you by call/text if we think your work could be suitable for a project. We will then outline the details of the opportunity for you to agree/disagree. If you agree and your work is then selected by our client, we will inform you immediately and discuss delivery, installation and payment.

Typical contracts involve a 1 year lease of each artwork at 50% of the total value of the artwork. We charge no fee of any kind to the artist.

At the end of your work's term in their workspace the company can either negotiate with you to purchase the artwork outright or you'll have the work back.

If you've any questions regarding the financials of any arrangement feel free to email us here.


How do I apply?

We are now changing the way we source artists for opportunities with Arts Business Initiatives. We will soon be sourcing all our artists from our Global Members Network on our other website abiartists.com.


Projects can include anything from workplace exhibition through to one off conference events. Therefore, we accept a wide variety of arts media, from painting, to photography, sculpture, print and video.

*Please note:


*We prioritise artists from the UK, with the majority of opportunities emerging here, but welcome submssions internationally.

*Opportunities may come around frequently or infrequently.

*We hold no exclusive rights over any of your works.

*We will contact you if the type of work you make suits an opportunity.

*We are not a gallery and do not hold your work in house. We merely broker formal relationships between artists and businesses for mutual benefit.



Artists who show with Arts Business Initiatives must also agree to these  Terms & Conditions.


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