TMF Group




The campaign that we designed for TMF Group, a large international professional services organisation, was tailored to suit their need to engage their employees with their corporate Values and help improve their commitments to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) that they could then celebrate and share with their clients.




ABI arranged a campaign where employees of TMF Group would be collectively involved in the selection of artworks for their office, by young and emerging artists in the local area.

There was of course a range of opinion and views over each artwork, which continued following their selection and installation in the office space. The purpose wasn’t to select artwork that everyone agreed looked ‘nice’, but to consistently challenge staff on the extent to which they underpinned the specific Value they claimed to depict.

Each office approached the project in their own unique way, with ABI facilitating such activities as artist talks, Art and Ale nights and employee-art in the workplace, to keep staff engaged with the project and with the Values that the project addressed, as well as exercising each employee’s creative side.




TMF Group today has very ambitious and exciting artworks in their offices worldwide, which not everyone agrees are comprehensively representative of the 5 TMF Group Values, but which undeniably have encouraged constructive and highly charged conversations over these.

The employees themselves, at all levels of the company, have loved the process of being involved in the campaign, with the artworks chosen bringing life, energy and colour to what are often fairly neutral office spaces.

The artworks have also proven a strong topic of conversation at client events, with TMF Group now able to say to prospective customers of their support and patronage of young and emerging artists across the world.




“The whole process was a very enjoyable experience and it was an honour to have viewed so many great pieces of artwork which had been so thoughtfully prepared taking account of the TMF values. We look forward to having the top works placed in our offices for staff and clients alike to view, digest and hopefully appreciate as we, the judges, have done so.”

TMF Group Employee, Luton Office



"The Arts programme we've developed here with ABI has been a huge success, and has given much needed energy to our offices and walls! The staff have loved being included in the process and debate, and it's great to be a part of an initiative that is supporting our local artists and communities."

Teresa Lamy, Group Head of HR

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